Love of Water

Love of water

Set in the ski

Fire ball descends

Beauty unfolds

Duplicated on water!

Christmas 2012 106

Photo by Ed VanDyne  Copyright 2018


A Flaming Sunset

This sunset was in April 2011.

It is one of the best of my collection of sunset pictures.

The lake was empty at that time for dam repair, which is a disappointment because this sunset would have had an awesome reflection in the water!

April 2011 428

Photo by Ed VanDyne Copyright 2011

Lopsided Fractal

I am always trying to stretch my engineering sense of symmetry and draw outside the lines!  In this case I used a piece of wood that was too small for the size of the part I was making and just let the laser cut air for a portion of the time.  I am happy with the result.  I didn’t think I would be at first.  Then I decided to change direction part way through and got a different result which I liked better.


I decided to leave the background the workbench that I was working on when I made this part.  When I tried to photograph this fractal on a homogeneous background something was lost in the beauty of the part.  Maybe it was the contrast of the part against the well used table.


My Attempt at Abstract Art

Normally I think of abstract as too easy.  I am learning that it can be a therapeutic dive into a realm of color mixing and matching within the painting itself.  Color layering is also a fun exercise in learning what works and what doesn’t.  These are both oil paintings on canvas.


This was a fun exploration of color!  I became unhappy when I got to brown.


I have always been a fan of fire!  When I look back at my career, I have been in the business of starting fires for many years!  I was in the automotive ignition business for 14 years.  This is my idea of a beautiful fire.  I am about to touch up these paintings.  Keep a look out for how they look like next time?!?